Areas of Expertise:                                                                               The Benefits:

 · Full Service Metal & Wire Fabricator                                                   · Competitive price

 · Breaking Bending, Punching Lines and CNC Wood Cuting Machine  · Innovative Design For Every Budget

 · Innovative Design From Concept to Completion                                  · Inventory Management & Logistics

 · Advanced Tooling Department and Equipment



  • Design 


k68_cn_200849153433_01_副本Design consultancy is one of the core parts of our business since our establishment. With our design team we work for all kinds of shops from candy shop to super market to design the best products for them. Whether it be additional preparation space in an existing place, to being issued with architects drawings we have the expertise.









  • Manufacturing


022We not only design, we manufacture too. With our more than 5000 square meters metal and wood production lines and 200 skilled workers, we are able to almost make all the metal and wood products you need. We have a professional 10 people quality control team who will inspect every process during manufacture making sure each item is perfect. Click here to know about the factory.